Electives – Applied Artificial Intelligence

– The product is an Article –

Artificial intelligence – Python Jupiter Notebook – LaTex.

Development Environments

– The product is a Gitlab CI Pipeline –

Gitlab pipeline – Process isolation – Python Django – Jekyll.

Electives – Back-end with Python & Django

– The product is a Bank to Bank Admin/ Customer site –

SQLite – VPS Linux – Python JavaScript – VIM CLI.

User Experience

– Web 22 – User Experience The product pdf –

Development – UI – UX – Service Prototype.

Interdisciplinary project HdM Stuttgart

– ArtForTwo MediaNight Pitch site –

Development – project management – UI – Glide Prototype.

Mandatory frontend

  • An API site. The data comes from OMDB.

– Jquery Html 5 one page –

  • An API site. The data comes from OMDB.

– Javascript Html 5 one page –

API – jQuery – JavaScript – Fetch promise – UX.

Interdisciplinary project

– paradigmwatchproject.net site –

SQL DB – Visual Studio c# – JavaScript – UX.

Art Distribution – Privat project

– shop.ifkunst.dk site –

WordPress  – Woocommerce – Web design – Security.

Final project Artmoney

– artmoney.prfrankild.dk test site –

WordPress  – Woocommerce – Project manegment – Motion graphics.

Internship at File Under Pop Aps

  • Test site and documentations raport

– Report with reflections on 10 weeks of internship and link to solutions –

Front / backend development – WordPress – Woocommerce – Project management – Motion graphics and as always a report made with Indesign, pdf format.

Electives – Design Across Borders in Amsterdam

  • Cultural presentation

– Cultural presentation with selected Copenhageners international student Julia and me –

Introduction to Danish culture.

Et tværfagligt forløb – Complex project

  • Update and redesign a CMS website

– The product is KEA Circles (Beta) –

The exam contains the Report documentation, CMS wordpress,  login with color selection of background and text.


  • Application portfolio

– Newest portfolio- 

My application portfolio has been updated.


  • Native And content advertising

– Native Advertising –

Develop a native campaign with Ikea as a client.


  • Kommunalvalg 2017 campaign site

– Digital Communication And Coporate Video site ver. 4.10 – 

The report documentation contains links. The solution is a dynamic, responsive web solution with high fidelity choice video and associated Facebook and Instagram page.

Campaign Politikens E-news / Identity

  • Digital communication and corporate video for Politiken

– Rapport with link to the Campaign Politikens E-avis

– The product is a website with call to action –

Video – Campaigning – Call to action – Project manegment.

STOPPRØVE Tema 1 / basic web

  • Responsivt Pop art site

– Dokumentation og site link Pop art –

  • Redesign: Cinnober

– The product is a static website –

Theme 1 – The focus is on Redesign Cinnober, which is responsive, with good documentation, and then it has at least a commerce part.

STOPPRØVE Tema 2 – rich media

  • Group presentation video

– Video and voiceover-

  • Everyday project Familie life at Nørrebro

– Short Video Documentary  –

Theme 2 – My choice falls on Group Presentation Video, which we got turned into a morphing around town, with a professional look and collaboration. We got to work on several recordings, voiceover frame technique and more. No video documentation was prepared, but photos were taken throughout the course, some of which are available in my blog.

STOPPRØVE Tema 3 – animation

  • Own scene. Design, scenography and history.

– Documentation, history and site link Filur VS Pjokkerne –

  • Grup project (Sex & Samfund)

– Documentation and site link –

Theme 3 – My focus is on Group Project Sex & Society, we had a good start with a quick instruction to the Scrum theories, choice of target group and stage series with Birgit. We had a nice dialogue on facebook, and kept each other updated with zip files. The documentation was right in the eye and was a responsive web site.

STOPPRØVE Tema 4 – ux

  • Kea App design

– Documentation and site link  –

  • Client case (ferm LIVING)

– Documentation and site link  –

Theme 4 – I prioritize the KEA LIFE App. We got off to a positive start with target group selected the use of Scrum and Dropbox. It took some time to get an overview of the use of the canvas models, but helped with the budget and presentation documentation.

Comment on submission

My portfolio is compiled with a documentation in pdf with inserted link to external pages. There are plenty of opportunities to look into other episodes and images in my Blog posts. My Blog, CV and abaut page are complete and without shortcomings.


The first semester has offered many challenges, but I have overcome them all. If I have to remember the different subject areas and the cases, the challenge has been especially in the bigger corporate projects like Sex & Society, where we got off to a really good start with choosing the right target group and a good choice of scenario with Birgit. The corporate project with company LIVING was a big challenge as we came from a similar project with the Kea App. In the group there were disagreements from the beginning, canvas models and the final App, which was placed close to other Apps in competition and research, did not contain much firm Living. We got a great feedback and made a good presentation. The 1st semester as a whole has provided comprehensive knowledge and introduction to the four main subjects, though I would like an easier approach to entrepreneurship with knowledge of using external partners, but it will probably come and is one of my competencies. My original portfolio is temporarily closed after graduation.