Semester Project. Make a blogpost on your WordPress-site, where you summarize the 4 steps mentioned.


I have been looking at this WordPress website by Peter Rud Frankild, and have found it easy to navigate in, having links directly on the front page pointing to all lower placed sites.

Finding the CV page was not a problem, because there were only tre posibble links in the topnav, and one of them were named CV. The CV has all the assignment from the semester and there were also a specified link to a missing deployed assignment easy to spot. There is not always the sharpest description on the single assignment but the site has som nice posts.

My focus have been on the prestigious internet pages post, witch have,, and called the best, benefiting on their own style and engagement.

The portfolio part has all the pages describet in slide 10 , 1st semester test E2016.

When I look in the portfolio part of the site, I fast whent down to the Sex & Samfund part looking at a short discription and a single link to a dokumentation of the projekt. The site is easy to get understanding from and has a direkt link to the final interactive animation. There are no blind alleys or corners.

It is a portfolio site I can only hope you will enjoy recognize.

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